• Adeniyi Ademoroti image
    Adeniyi Ademoroti

    Niyi Ademoroti received his MFA from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and is currently a fellow at the Fine Arts Works Center. In another life, he was the Features Editor at BellaNaija. His writing has also appeared in AGNI, Hobart and The Republic.

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  • Ani Kayode image
    Ani Kayode

    Ani Kayode Somtochukwu is a writer and queer liberation activist from Enugu. Their work, which interrogates themes of queer identity, resistance and liberation, has been shortlisted for multiple international prizes. They won the 2019 SOGIESC Rights Activist of the Year Award, and their debut novel, And Then He Sang a Lullaby, was awarded the 2021 James Currey Prize for African Literature.

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  • Bolu Sowoolu image
    Bolu Sowoolu

    Bolu is a multidisciplinary artist and creator.

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  • Chukwudi Okoro image
    Chukwudi Okoro

    Chukwudi Echezie Okoro Is a 2D/3D generalist with over 8 years of experience in the advertising and digital communication field and has worked on brands and organizations like Confederation of African Football (CAF), Access Bank, BBC, The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Raven, Malta Guinness, MADworld in collaboration with MotoGP, and more.

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  • Chukwudi Ukonne image
    Chukwudi Ukonne

    Chukwudi explores the intersection of history, culture and politics with his work.

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  • Daniel Orubo image
    Daniel Orubo

    Daniel is a writer, editor and director. He currently works as Head of Content at PiggyVest and Backdrop.

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  • Edwin Okolo image
    Edwin Okolo

    Edwin Okolo is a writer, journalist and storyteller. He offers commentary on the intersections of gender identity, feminism, contemporary African culture and its influence on social values. He started his writing career as a bit of an intervention for a friend, starting the fantasy blog PassTheSaltBand. Since then he has edited and written stories for Stories.ng and TheNakeConvos. He was shortlisted for the Short Story Africa Day Prize in 2017 and 2021. He was also shortlisted for the Miles Morland Writing Fellowship in 2021.

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  • Emmanuel Aminu image
    Emmanuel Aminu

    Emmanuel is a freelance data analyst, who loves telling stories with data.

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  • Eris Ekanem image
    Eris Ekanem

    Eris is a writer and storyboard artist. She's learning French and training her cat with sign language.

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  • Eseosa Belo-Osagie image
    Eseosa Belo-Osagie

    Eseosa is a digital illustrator and product designer.

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  • Fareeda Abdulkareem image
    Fareeda Abdulkareem

    Fareeda is a former jack of all trades and a recovering overachiever. Her writing career has spanned fiction, memoir, critical analysis, academic analysis, interviews, speeches and more. And she has done this on behalf of organizations and publications like Foreign Affairs, Quartz, Brittle Paper, Wasafiri, The World Bank, Action Aid, Africa is a Country and many more.

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  • Fisayo Adefolaju image
    Fisayo Adefolaju

    Fisayo Adefolaju, also known as 'TheOtherThrone', is a sound designer and film score composer experienced in audio post-production for film and TV. He is a member of the versatile team at Visus Sonic Arts and loves to create emotions using sound.

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  • Hannatu Dan-Habu image
    Hannatu Dan-Habu

    Hannatu runs Hawk & Dane, a technology and data advisory law firm.

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  • Idris Ayinde image
    Idris Ayinde

    Idris is a designer and product designer whose work aims to create positive experiences that impact the user and culture. He specializes in product design, user experience design, and brand design.

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  • Ifebusola Shotunde image
    Ifebusola Shotunde

    Ifebusola is a photographer and graphic designer who focuses on documenting the people and places on his life's journey.

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  • Immaculata Abba image
    Immaculata Abba

    Immaculata is a beautiful artist, writer and researcher. Check her website for more info.

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  • Innocent Ilo image
    Innocent Ilo

    Innocent is a Nigerian writer based in Lagos. They are the regional winner for Africa of the 2020 Commonwealth Short Story Prize for their short story 'When a Woman Renounces Motherhood'.

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  • Ivierawo Lesso image
    Ivierawo Lesso

    Ivie is a self-taught illustrator and 2D animator.

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  • Jessica A. image
    Jessica A.

    Jessica has worked as a Story & Script Editor, Head Writer and Content Director. She's a producer on Big Brother Naija and currently writes Africa Magic's Primetime TV series, Venge.

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  • Jessica Louis image
    Jessica Louis

    Jessica is a visual story teller. She's an artist and illustrator who helped get Cover Bank to 5000 images.

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  • Joshua Adeoye image
    Joshua Adeoye

    Joshua is a freelance animator, book illustrator and artist, currently working on two comic series.

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  • Kemi Falodun image
    Kemi Falodun

    Kemi Falodun is a writer and journalist interested in culture, mental health, social justice, and the intersection of dreamlife and wakeful consciousness. Her work has been published in Catapult, Al Jazeera, The Guardian UK, WePresent, Devex, and several other platforms.

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  • Kolade Emmanuel image
    Kolade Emmanuel

    Kolamide is a comedian, host and voice actor that’s worked in the Nigerian entertainment industry for 6 years plus. He’s an easy going, hilarious dude. Loves eating food and making people laugh.

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  • Kolade Morakinyo image
    Kolade Morakinyo

    Kolade leads the sound department at Visus Sonic Arts.

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  • Kunle Popoola image
    Kunle Popoola

    Kunle is a writer.

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  • Mariam Sule-Izuagbe image
    Mariam Sule-Izuagbe

    Mariam Sule is a writer and communications strategist. Her prose has appeared in USAToday, Aljazeera, Sahelien, and Autostraddle, amongst others. She enjoys long walks with greenery and holds to her love for a good book despite capitalism’s hold on her neck. Her work centers on intersectional feminism, underrepresented minorities and interpersonal communication dynamics.

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  • Niyi Okeowo image
    Niyi Okeowo

    Niyi is the Chief Design Officer at Garmspot and is currently building Astra, a network of cities in the metaverse for playing NFT games and buying digital fashion to wear IRL.

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  • Obika Ifunanya Linda image
    Obika Ifunanya Linda

    Linda is a motion graphics designer.

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  • Olakunle Ologunro image
    Olakunle Ologunro

    Olakunle Ologunro is a writer from Lagos, Nigeria. He is a finalist for the 2020 Adina Talve-Goodman Fellowship from One Story Magazine.

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  • Opemipo Aikomo image
    Opemipo Aikomo

    Ope started wuruwuru and directs the circus. In his spare time, he also leads the Design team at Paystack.

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  • Osarumen Osamuyi image
    Osarumen Osamuyi

    Osarumen 'LMBSKN' Osamuyi is an experimental producer and synth programmer based in Lagos, Nigeria. He also worked as a Strategic Partner Manager at Meta.

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  • Oshuwa Imoyo image
    Oshuwa Imoyo

    Oshuwa is an actress, most popularly known for The Wait (2021) and The Smart Money Woman (2020).

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  • Osione Itegboje image
    Osione Itegboje

    Osione is a multidisciplinary artist. He developed a technology called SLIDE to help businesses and personalities build stronger, bolder identities.

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  • Princess Ebi image
    Princess Ebi

    Princess Ebi is the co-founder of Kanaal, a multi-disciplinary creative lab for novel ideas. She's also building Blank, a body care brand.

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  • Remy Baggins image
    Remy Baggins

    Remy is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, producer and sound engineer.

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  • Samson Oyedija image
    Samson Oyedija

    Samson is a Production Assistant at Kugali, where he is helping tell African stories. He is also interested in helping build legacy products.

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  • Saratu Dan-Habu image
    Saratu Dan-Habu

    Saratu is curious about emerging and disruptive technology and specializes in all aspects of intellectual property law and practice.

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  • Timehin image

    OluTimehin is a Nigerian storyteller working primarily in multi-format nonfiction and public advocacy.

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  • Tomiwa Ajiboye image
    Tomiwa Ajiboye

    Tomiwa is a product designer and music buff. He enjoys taking it slow or going really fast, no in-betweens. He's building Comicrunes - a platform for reading comics.

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  • Tosin Amire image
    Tosin Amire

    Tosin is an audio post-production artist experienced in the entertainment industry.

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  • Vanny image

    Vanny is a concept artist and creative designer. He's passionate about western comic books but inspired by manga. He believes his art is Avantasia, a never-ending revealing of untold stories.

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  • Wale Oloworekende image
    Wale Oloworekende

    Wale is a freelance writer and critic whose work explores the intersection of popular culture, music, film, sports, and lifestyle.

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  • Williams Ogah image
    Williams Ogah

    Williams is curious about how creative ideas come to life. He manages the studio with Opemipo Aikomo.

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  • Yadichinma Uloha-Kalu image
    Yadichinma Uloha-Kalu

    Yadi is an independent artist, illustrator and art director based in Lagos, Nigeria. Her practice centers on explorations of line, form and boundary which she expresses through a variety of media including painting, drawing, sculpture and digital media.