A studio for passion projects.

wuruwuru is a maker collective slash production studio from Lagos. We make passion projects with independent creators.

The name wuruwuru is from the Nigerian expression wuruwuru to the answer which describes a problem solved haphazardly. It alludes to our experience of making things in Nigeria without institutional support.

I started the studio in 2020 to make a magazine but then veered into a handful of odd publishing experiments. In making these projects, I got to meet a lot of interesting people and was inspired to help bring their ideas to life.

In three years, we've produced an online comic, two animated short films, a locally-made board game, a digital archive and a new type of book. We've worked with over 45 creators and paid out close to $100k in commissions.

I run the studio with Williams Ogah. We set up a new team for each project and work remotely using practices picked up from a decade of software development.

The studio is a space for self discovery. We provide community and inspiration for independent creators in Nigeria, starting with ourselves.