Independent art from Nigeria.

wuruwuru is a collective from Lagos, Nigeria. We work with independent creators to produce and distribute passion projects globally.

In three years, we've produced an online comic, two animated short films, a collectible board game, a digital archive and an online book. We've worked with over 45 creators and paid out close to $100k in commissions.

The name wuruwuru is from the Nigerian expression wuruwuru to the answer which describes a problem solved haphazardly. It alludes to how we get things done in Nigeria without institutional support.

I started out in 2020 looking to make a magazine but then veered into a handful of odd publishing experiments. In making these projects, I got to meet a lot of interesting people and was inspired to help bring their ideas to life.

wuruwuru exists to promote excellent cultural production and support independent artists. To do this, we're currently developing a business model.